Intellectual Property Enforcement Act Passed in the Senate and House

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) members and other copyright holders won a big victory on Friday, September 26, when the U.S. Senate passed a significant copyright law, making it easier to enforce your rights. The Senate passed S. 3325, The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008, a bill supported aggressively by PPA and the Copyright Alliance this year. The same bill cleared the U.S. House of Representatives just two days later and now must be signed into law by President Bush. Once it is signed, the new law will give greater emphasis to the enforcement of copyrights and trademarks and improve the coordination of intellectual property policy across the federal government.
This is a tremendous victory for all copyright holders and a positive step forward in protecting photographers’ rights. The bill raises the importance of intellectual property protection and copyright enforcement. 

“Any law that improves copyright enforcement is good for photographers,” explains David Trust, CEO of PPA. “Photographers have had a difficult year with a worsening economy and trying to make the best of some difficult orphan works legislation. So it is nice to get this victory on Capitol Hill.”
Key provisions of this bill include the following:

  • Allowance for the seizure of documents and records in civil infringement actions.
  • Creation of an executive branch post to coordinate intellectual property enforcement and strategy.
  • Creation of an interagency committee to better combat counterfeiting and piracy. 

You can view the entire bill at

More information about PPA working with Congress on copyright issues can be found on the Copyright & Advocacy section (Advocacy page) at

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