Professional Photographers of America Announces New Certified Members

June 11, 2013

Dozens of PPA Members Earn Their Certified Professional Photographer Designations

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) happily announced today that 61 PPA members have become Certified Professional Photographers.

A photographer earning the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation is akin to an accountant becoming a CPA. It is recognized as a badge of excellence throughout the industry and credibly sets professional photographers apart from the amateurs.

"The way that I personally look at it is if I were going to get my hair cut, I am going to look for someone who has been to beauty school and who has the license to prove it, not just some random person who says, 'Oh, I've been cutting hair for years,'" said Tracy McGee, CPP. "It's the same for searching for a photographer."

However becoming a CPP is no simple task. Candidates must demonstrate their photographic knowledge by preparing for and passing a difficult certification exam. Then they must display their skill and pass an image portfolio submission.

PPA is currently revitalizing its certification program and hopes more photographers will make the push to become certified.

"Especially now that anyone with a smartphone is a photographer, professionals really need a way to set themselves apart from the competition," said Julia Boyd, senior manager of certification at PPA. " Becoming a CPP shows your clients that you are committed to your craft, and that you are an experienced professional who will produce beautiful images each and every time. As it becomes more recognized, that CPP after your name will help your business boom."  

PPA even has an upcoming Certification Preparation Class from July 15 to 17 at their headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., to help candidates prepare for the exam.

The three-day intensive class isn't for the faint of heart. It's an in-depth study of the technical side of photography that covers all aspects of the exam. Taught by top industry professionals, PPA's prep class will give photographers the education they need to help pass the certification exam and also learn additional aspects of the photography business.

Attendees will walk away more knowledgeable, polished and confident about their upcoming exam. And if confidence is really soaring, there is the option to take the exam directly after the class while everything is fresh in mind.

PPA will also offer an optional fourth day of the class dedicated to the next aspect of the CPP program — the Image Submission. After demonstrating their photography knowledge by passing the exam, photographers must then submit a series of images to display their skill. This day will review the criteria for submitting images and provide tips on how to build an image submission portfolio.

For a full list of the new CPPs, head to To find a CPP near you and to learn more about PPA's certification program, visit For more information on the CPP prep class, including pricing and hotel information, go to

About PPA:
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