Drone Insurance

PPA is proud to offer both equipment and general liability insurance for drones to members who use drones as a part of their photography business. Both insurance plans are great on their own, but work even better together to protect you as a photographer. PhotoCare Plus covers loss and any damage to equipment, including drones. Adding the drone specific general liability plan on top of PhotoCare Plus extends your coverage to include bodily injury and property damage to others. Combining both plans ensures that you have all your bases covered just in case something goes wrong. Below you will find the details of the individual plans and how you can go about signing up.

PhotoCare Plus

  • Provides up to $100,000 in coverage
  • Coverage includes theft of equipment in unlocked vehicles, mysterious disappearances and non-PPA members who are employees, up to $1,000 each
  • All PPA members in good standing are eligible
  • $250 deductive for all losses
  • Full replacement cost on scheduled items
  • Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) coverage available

How Am I Covered

Drones General Liability Coverage

  • Choose between limits of $25,000 and $50,000
  • Annual premiums of $100 or $150
  • Must be compliant with Part 107 of Federal Aviation Regulations, and local and state laws
  • Coverage must be purchased with PPA's General Liability coverage
  • Operation of drone must be in connection with paid assignment for your business.
  • Defense coverage is included inside the limit of liability
  • Coverage extends to Bodily injury and Property Damage of others.

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