What Is PPA?

More photographers get into the industry every day, but few know how to PPA Member Benefits, Photography Association, Photographers Association
profitably run a business and many don't know where to turn for support. That's why Professional Photographers of America (or PPA) was started back in 1869, and that's why we exist today.

Created and led by professional photographers, PPA is a non-profit international association that helps those serious about photography live their dreams profitably.

To do that, we…

  • Lead the way in educating photographers on business and technical skills to help them/you grow and succeed beyond what they/you believed possible.
  • Connect photographers with other great minds in the industry—via online and live classes, consultations and conventions—to spread best practices, new ideas and strong networks of support.
  • Protect photographers' livelihoods with benefits, such as copyright advocacy, malpractice protection and equipment insurance.

Close to 27,000 professional photographers in 50+ countries rely on PPA now, and we are always looking for and investing in new ways to provide the resources and support their needs. PPA is the reference for everything photographers need to grow their business and become more profitable. From educational workshops classes, to advanced photography techniques and ideas to broaden the creative scope of photographers. How can we help you?

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