Pre-convention Courses

Before the official start of Imaging USA, there are 3 days of pre-convention classes, held in small groups and offering hands-on workshops, on-location classes, portfolio reviews, business coaching and more.

Some of the class options include:

Check the Imaging USA website for more information on Pre-Con Program Options

The 3-day intensive Certification Preparation and Certification Image Submission class covers all the technical topics of the exam will give you the knowledge needed to pass the Professional Photographer Certification exam, which you can also do while at Imaging USA! Topics include:

  • The Inverse Square Law, filter factors, Bellows Factor
  • Lenses and filters
  • Color theory and H&D curves
  • Lighting ratios, corrective lighting and posing, depth of field, angle of view
  • The Zone System (and how it helps you understand the digital histogram)
  • Difference between a bit, a byte and bit depth
  • And much more – You can even choose to take the CPP exam directly after the class while the information is fresh in your mind!

It is tough work but it is well worth it. Note that you do not have to be a PPA member to take the class, but you will have to be a PPA member in order to complete the certification requirements. Register today to get ready for your exam!

The Business Basics Workshop is for those who are starting, have recently started their photography business, or are making the jump from part to full-time. This 2-day business course was specifically developed for photographers and will help you with face the financial, tax and legal requirements and challenges of running your business. This class has proven time and time again to make significant and positive impact in past participants' bottom line!

  • You'll be able to choose a business model that's the best fit for your studio
  • You'll evaluate your business strengths, customer needs, and the market's competitive dynamics to create a profitable pricing structure.
  • You'll compare your studio's numbers with industry averages and the best performing studios.
  • You'll start a plan to take your business to the next level.

The instructors, a photographer operating a profitable studio, and a Certified Public Accountant who has worked with hundreds of studios, will team up to present you with the most comprehensive workshop in the industry.

Be sure to join PPA prior to registering. This workshop is only available to PPA members!

Business Breakthroughs Workshop is an intensive business class for photographers who are PPA members and already run an operation studio grossing at least $20,000 in annual sales.It is three days of in-depth instruction, focusing on business and financial management, the how-to's of effective branding, targeting, and marketing and techniques for maximizing sales.

Prior to the workshop, you will get a private consultation with PPA’s Certified Public Accountant to help you develop a custom financial plan. During the workshop, you will engage in an hour-long private consultation with a PPA mentor to scope your business and marketing strategy.
This workshop is your chance to address your most pressing issues and areas of concern, get questions answered, develop priorities and identify actions to launch your business to the next level.

Be sure to join PPA prior to registering. This workshop is only available to PPA members!

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