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August 2017

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Print. the Movement
Print.The Movement is PPA's campaign to encourage more photographers and clients to get their photos off of digital devices, and hang them in homes. With the evolution of smart phones and cameras, there are more photographs being taken than ever, but many of them live on outdated devices that will get destroyed and are left to never be seen again. Help be a part of the movement to change the way we see photos. Visit PrintMovement.org to see what resources are available for you to get involved.

See The Difference®
See The Difference is PPA's interactive campaign to aid photographers in showing prospective clients the difference between a professional photographer and an amateur. The campaign offers many helpful resources for photographers to download, personalize, and share with their clients. There are also special webpages to direct clients toward, which showcase professionals in wedding, pet, seniors, and family portraits. Plus, the Find-A-Photographer database helps clients find the perfect professional photographer for their occasion. The resources for photographers include shareable videos, logos, side-by-side comparisons, landing pages, customer brochures, and style quizzes for clients. All of these amazing benefits are offered to PPA members for FREE with their membership! Build a better business with PPA by helping clients See The Difference!

Small Copyright Claims Legislation
Small business creators are in need of a small claims process that would easily enforce copyright laws and punish infringers. So, PPA spends a lot of time on Capitol Hill encouraging new legislation, but we need your help! We have to show congress how important this new legislation is to the photographic arts community. Help us by:

The time is now! Join the team, get involved, and make a difference!

Check out PPA's FREE Copyright Kit for takedown resources and the new, self-assessment tool if you need help determining if your work has been lifted. PPA has a full time presence on Capitol Hill fighting for the rights of professional photographers. In fact, PPA's CEO David Trust was recently in Washington, D.C. meeting with key lawmakers. Exciting legislation is coming out (possibly this year) and PPA needs its members to be informed and ready to step up when called upon to help! PPA.com/Copyright

Be More In-the-Know: Online Education

Take your photography skills to the next level with 24/7 access to almost 900 quality photography tutorial programs and videos! This self-paced program provides you with videos featuring photography experts about interesting topics to help you improve your photography. Not a member of PPA? You can subscribe to PhotoVision now for only $9.99/month or $49/year! PhotoVisionVideo.com

PPAedu Free Video
PPAedu is your FREE, custom-fit photography learning platform with 300+ online courses including real-life advice and development help, progress indicators and self-evaluation tools. Also, stay tuned each month to see which video is unlocked for free all month long. Free PPAedu Video!

Drone Photography
Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Drones are the hottest gadget around for capturing amazing aerial photography, and the FAA has released new regulations to lift some of the heavy restrictions for photographers. Get the complete list of new regulations and things you need to know before flying your drone at PPA.com/Drones.

Be More Protected

Insurance Options
When stuff hits the fan, and it always, inevitably does, professional photographers know that they have a strong shield protecting them with their PPA membership. The three forms of photographic insurance offered combine to keep you fully protected no matter what the situation. If you break your camera or it's stolen from your car? Be sure you've activated your PhotoCare! It's free and covers you for up to $15,000! Have an unsatisfied client or did you lose all the data on your hard drive? PPA's Indemnification Trust is like malpractice protection for professional photographers. Did someone get hurt or something destroyed on your shoot? General Liability Coverage can handle that for as little as 62¢/day!

Be More Intrepid

Imaging USA 2018!
Imaging USA 2018 will be held at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit ImagingUSA.org to register and get the latest updates about hotels, classes and more at Imaging USA 2018!

Be More Visible

Faces of PPA
Hundreds of PPA members have been featured in Faces of PPA, getting them face time and more professional recognition. Use this opportunity (it's free!) as a marketing tool and to show off your profile as a real pro with your clients and friends – this campaign is for PPA photographers to be more visible and submissions are still open. Some states are way under represented, so don't make us call out yours…check out the Faces of PPA Gallery online (you can sort by state) and you'll quickly see who's missing! PPA.com/Faces

Be More Connected

There are several ways you can connect and engage with members:

  • Want a place to chat with other Affiliate Leaders? theLoop has a group for that! Check out the Affiliate Leaders group.
  • Prefer to spend time becoming active and promoting your affiliate? Consider leveraging your State community on theLoop for that!
  • Are you active on social media? Check PPA's blog for the very latest happenings at PPA.

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