Charge to New Degree Holders

On behalf of Professional Photographers of America, congratulations to each and every one of you on the attainment of this milestone in your chosen profession.

Your workmanship has been accepted as representing the highest standards in the stimulating and exciting art of professional photography.

You have been accepted as an individual of high character, moral standards, and good citizenship. Your degree is a forward economic step.

Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you are enhanced by this recognition. Your appearance, attitude, and behavior reflect on our entire profession. This honor cannot be lightly held, for it is both recognition and a responsibility.

The insignia comprises emblem and ribbon—they must never be separated or displayed other than around your neck—and they are a requirement at all photographic events.

The parchment and insignia are not trivial attainments. They impose the obligation to maintain your studio and conduct your business and personal activities at the highest possible level—to exemplify unquestionable ethics.

A part of your responsibility is to make your knowledge available to your fellow practicing professionals, and to those considering photography as a career as well, regardless of age, race, sex, or creed. Your helping hand today may encourage the top talent of tomorrow, who may someday be leaders in this exciting profession.

Masters of Photography, Master Artists, Masters of Electronic Imaging and Photographic Craftsmen who have preceded you have accepted this honor with pride and a deep sense of responsibility.

It is our earnest charge to you that you accept it with that same determination to continue to uphold this outstanding profession and to perpetuate the honor of this degree for future generations.

Finally…you are now a member of a proud community. Wearing your insignia will conspicuously distinguish you—wear it with humility.  Let it be a symbol of your dedication to further serve the profession from which you derive your livelihood, and firmly resolve to keep the image of both the degree and photography itself bright and shining.

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